Flexibiliteit en gebruiksvriendelijkheid key features voor Energyst

19 januari 2021

De flexibiliteit en gebruiksvriendelijkheid zijn voor Energyst redenen om Incontrol in te zetten in de Benelux, en binnenkort zelfs daarbuiten.

energyst klantverhaal

Energyst offers rental solutions for power generation and temperature control. They have subsidiaries in multiple European countries. The key-feature of this company is the people, they bring the Real Energy that makes the difference.

Last year, Energyst was looking for a solution to optimize processes by digitalizing the reporting part. A requirement was that the forms could be saved in PDF format so they could be stored and sent to the customer, and that they could be completed on-site. Energyst could not find a solution that met those requirements within their ERP system.

How does Energyst use Incontrol?

Renting out and servicing machines involves a lot of administrative work. This administrative paperwork has now been replaced by Incontrol. For example, Energyst uses checklists for periodic maintenance of the generators and to make sure the machines are ready for rent.. The advantage of Incontrol in this particular case is that for every type of machine a specific form can be build.

Especially the flexibility for customized reporting and the ability to use on a mobile device via an app are important features in daily use, as Incontrol is designed to be very user friendly.

The future

Energyst started working with Incontrol in the Benelux. The implementation has been successful. Therefore, Energyst plans to implement Incontrol in the Energyst subsidiary in Norway soon.

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